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Schedule for Senior Scholar’s zoom classes              August 4-25, 2021


The Rath Senior ConNEXTions Center Senior Scholars’ program is presenting classes for your continuing learning. The classes are going to be on Zoom and you will need to register. The dates and subjects are as follows. These Zoom classes are free of charge and an introduction for the in-person classes which will resume in October of 2021. We are hopeful that you are well and will join us for these interesting presentations.


Class #1 The Healing Power of Volunteerism 

August 4th                            3:00-4:15                 Dr. Rosemarie Lamm, Jean Berken

                                                                              Andy Crossfield 

This class will include a discussion of the many physical and psychological changes occurring since the onset of Covid-19. There will be a lively discussion related to the many activities and interventions which may prevent depression and mental and physical challenges for elders. Dr. Lamm is a retired professor from the University of South Florida, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Nurse Practitioner.  Andy is the President and Jean the Secretary of the Rath Center.

Class #2 Biological Mysteries part II

August 11th                           3:00-4:15                 Dr. Robert Baum

Dr. Baum brings his expertise in biology and immunology to the forefront of lively discussions related to recent health related occurrences. Biological mysteries are a hallmark of many of his presentations. Dr. Baum, a retired Professor Emeritus from Florida Southern College will also be teaching in October.

Class #3 Supporting Mind Body & Spirit in the Age of Covid

August 18th                           3:00-4:15                 Gail Bagley

Gail brings a wealth of knowledge related to healthy living and aging. She is very involved in co-housing as well as nutritional information and physical exercise for seniors. Her work with The Rath Center has given her insight into the many options for healthy aging in place within a supportive community.

Class #4 Enlightenment in the 21st Century

August 25th                           3:00-4:15                  Dr. Fred Gifun

Dr. Gifun is a retired professor from the University of Massachusetts. He has taught many classes in history and religion with both a historical and cultural content. His classes have fostered lively discussions. He has also been a valued member of the education committee.  Dr. Gifun will be teaching for the Rath Center in October. 

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